New Home Construction (Norfolk County)

Port Dover & Simcoe Home Construction

Mark Acton Construction Ltd. is a Simcoe based new home building and expert renovations company. They service all of Norfolk County, including Port Dover and Simcoe for custom building and renovation projects.

Building New Homes

Building new homes and custom homes has always been a specialty of Mark Acton Construction. The entire process from imagination and design to the final coat of paint has an endearing appeal.
Building a new home is both an art form and a display of organizational mastery.

Building a home requires creativity, technical skills, carpentry skills and so much more. The organization of plans, county building permits, timelines, and subcontractors takes a ton of time and energy.

Once the home construction project is complete, it is amazing to look at the results. How everything comes together in the end is pure satisfaction. It makes a home builder proud, every single time.

Port Dover, Ontario

Coming in to Port Dover from the north side on HWY 6, we see tons of construction. All of these new homes in Port Dover are production homes, and are chosen from the builder's preset list of options.

When you're looking for a home in the suburbs, production homes, such as the ones in Port Dover are a great choice.

However, if a move to the countryside is more your style, your options increase dramatically. More on custom homes in Norfolk County below...

Simcoe, Ontario

Simcoe, Ontario is currently enjoying multiple building development sites. Some small, some magnificent in size. With the variety of new home builders and new home design options, Simcoe presents a great opportunity of choice.

Once again, if you're after a home design of your own choice, you have every opportunity to find a vacant lot and get started.

Custom homes require a couple extra steps to the now traditional mass development offerings. Let us learn about the differences between the processes of building new homes through a developer in town, versus a custom home of your own design:

Custom Home Building

Custom homes are homes built to your specifications. Using a BCIN designer, you must design a floor plan, and overall home design. In short, this is akin to going to an architect and having them flesh out the design based on discussions about your requirements.

A custom home also requires you to acquire a building permit, which can be downloaded from the Norfolk County website. You will also have to consider the setup of all of your utilities. If you're out in the country, this would also include your septic system, and any alternative television options you may want.

Building a home is no small task. If you're up to it, you're also going to want to pair up with a strong home builder from Norfolk County.

A New Home Builder in Norfolk County

Mark Acton Construction Ltd. has been a part of thousands of successful construction projects throughout Port Dover, Simcoe, and Norfolk County over the last 20 years. Prior to that they enjoyed a lengthy career in Oakville, Ontario.

During this prosperous period in Norfolk County, the local construction company has also been the primary contractor and lead builder on over a two dozen custom home and new home building projects.

Also included in this impressive track record are a number of garages, shops, and home additions that were built to exceed the customer's vision.

Building garages and shops often goes under represented in the construction community. Let us learn more:

Custom Garage and Shop Construction

Many folks across Norfolk County have wish for - And received custom built garages or shops. These 'mini-homes' are in essence similar in build to custom homes. The addition of a garage to a home without is a great way to provide storage for yard furniture and your vehicles.

If you're seeking to build a shop or garage, the process is much the same as a home. You still need to have land available, and a plan or design for the shop to be built. If you're unsure about any aspect of the design and build process, Mark Acton will help.

They've assisted on a number of shop and garage builds, and have helped to obtain permits and utilities for the properties as needed.

This all in one type of contracting relationship is what we call good project management.

40 Years of Building Experience

Putting your trust in a builder that has been around Southern Ontario for over 40 years is a smart move. Mark Acton Construction is such a builder, and we'd all be lucky to have such a great crew working for us. 

Whether on a new home build in Simcoe, Port Dover, or elsewhere in Norfolk County.


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