The Home Improvement Inner Circle

All The Best Experts, in One Place.

The experts across various fields of the construction world are finally coalescing into a single platform to help you find the best.

The Home Improvement Inner Circle is a relief to residential homeowners and business operators across Canada. For too long companies like HomeStars and TrustedPros have monopolized the search results for all things to do with skilled trades.

No more.

No thank you.


You'll be seeing popular names in various communities like Mark Acton Construction Ltd., Unique Potlight, and many many more.

These are trade specialists who've set themselves above and beyond the rest.


The first round of the Home Improvement Inner Circle will broadly focus on Southern Ontario. It's a wide area with a lot of feisty contractors and skilled trades.


You'll be getting a fair listing of companies that will actually get back to you with quotes, answers, and even just dialogue to be sure you're never waiting around for communications.


This is happening right now, and you can see for yourself on the website.



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