MacBook Air vs. Pro

Which MacBook is Your Best Option

Apple MacBook Pro
A lot of people are having this problem right now with the introduction of the smaller, yet powerful MacBook Pro. The comparison between this new model, and the previous generation of MacBook Air is not the best of apple to apple comparison.... Hehe, apples.

I myself went with the MacBook Air as I preferred its smaller form factor and shape compared to the fullness that is part of the MacBook Pro. The differences at the time of purchase for me were a) screen size b) processor speed and c) hard drive type... Here is how I ultimately decided between the two computers based on these factors.

A) screen size: I have been used to larger screens for a long time, I rocked a 17 inch Toshiba laptop for 2 years prior, and any desktop I used frequently had to have a 20 inch screen, at the least. Of or this new venture into the Mac world, I was happy to reconsider my position on size, especially since any previous experience I had with a Mac, the screen always seemed to be able to contain more content, even at the same resolution. Now the choice was waddled down to 13 inch or 15 inch... Basically this contest is too close to call to become the deciding factor for me.

B) processor speed. Most of what I need a computer for is powered by the browser, or network machines, so my processor becomes essentially meaningless. Except for the odd time when some photo editing or logo creation is required, in which case, only a modest photo editor is needed, and therefore again, processor speed is not a terrible concern either. In this case it was the difference between an i5 and an i7 intel processor.

C) hard drive type. I believe this was the absolute deciding factor. The MacBook Pro had a 500 gb hard disk drive, the old school spinner style (thankfully they've since upgraded all MacBooks to have SSD) whereas the MacBook Air came ready to go with a 128 gb solid state hard drive. A pal of mine had recently spoke of the merits of the SSD so that propaganda was still on the top of my mind. I was weighing the options at this Hamilton future shop for a long time, no doubt annoying the employee who was helping me, and for surely annoying my wife who already knew what she wanted me to choose...

I ultimately put the advantages of the solid state drive up top and used it to weight my decision towards the MacBook Air, which I have been enjoyed ever since, and never have any doubts about my choice. Sometimes you do have to take your time to chose, weigh your options, and find out what factors are the ones that truly appeal to you.

Though others may have opted for larger screen size, or the faster processor, my line of work speaks volumes to the volume of the hard drive. I need not the extra capacity, just the extra speed and durability of a solid state drive. It must have been the correct choice, seeing as how apple is going that direction in just about every device.