Going 'ZERO TV' Isn't Hard

News has been floating around regarding Nielson's release of the number of homes going 'ZERO TV' in the United States recently, and I am happy to be a part of this exciting movement. 


The whole point to my family's 'cutting the cord' was not entirely a righteous one. It was more of a budgetary maneuver. Our cable/internet/phone bill was exceeding $100 per month, which when all services are taken into consideration is not a bad price, it just happened to be one of the few remaining bills with any sort of flexibility.

We noticed that our actual 'live TV' viewership had diminished to almost nothingness. We never tried to 'watch' anything as it aired, as we could download it, and watch it at our leisure. The main reason to keep cable up until the final moment was purely for the children's stations. Cartoons are hard to take away, and they can be so entertaining, also, the kids love them too.


Well timed, and well received, we had occasionally used Netflix on our Wii consoles, but never considered it an alternative to cable TV until we purchased an APPLE TV. This purchase may have been the death blow to our cable subscription, as Apple TV's interface was much more enjoyable than navigating through the Wii's netflix app. With Apple TV and Netflix it started to feel the way modern TV SHOULD FEEL. More control, no constraints (besides content availability). Netflix also offered up a tremendous amount of children's shows which definitely covered that missing void.


It's funny how a simple switch can have such reverence behind it. Massive news conglomerates creating content regarding their diminishing mediums, and trying to remind people about the way some of us 'used to use' screens. The screen is the same, it's the delivery, and the style of delivery that is changing, and I love it.
I suggest you try saving yourself the cost of a cable subscription in favor of a simpler solution like Netflix or whatever equivalents exist out there. I know my trade of a $30 a month cable plan for a $8 a month Netflix subscription is quite possibly the best trade this side of professional sports!