No Time For Chit Chat

Spare time.

Those who parade around with an obscene amount of spare time are a frequent distraction during the waking hours. I find myself often pulled from more pressing matters to attend to someone's story time or complaints. I can handle a conversation just fine, but when it seems to be one after another I start to lose enthusiasm for bolstering someone else's ego.

Sleep Torture

The constant interruptions are reminiscent of sleep deprivation techniques used by certain military institutions to get answers from captives. Just as I am about to get 'in the zone' to focus on a task "BAM" The door opens or the phone rings inviting in any and all sorts of futile distractions that in no way serves to benefit humanity. It may sound very rude to speak of interruptions in such a way, but it is very hard to be continually pulled from 'the zone' only to have to find that sort of focus once more. Granted, it may allow for a greater ability to snap in and out of deep focus, the fact remains that it is still annoying as all hell.

At Work and At Home

This chit chat prevalence has weaseled it's way into both my work life, and my home life. At work it's the random co-worker who has more words that I can believe, and at home, it's the wife who has more statements or requests than even the pickiest of web development clients. Snapping back and forth from the digital construction zone, to the war zone of real life can be exhausting.

The Wee Hours

After the kids are settled and I've tucked in the wife it seems is the only time for total focus to actually penetrate. Though by this time, one's brain is pretty much drained of all focus due to being torn and pulled every which way. Night time, the usual paradise of development and hard work has become the lullaby lane for quickly passing out on a keyboard, with barely an email or two knocked down.

It's my hope that writing more about these situations will help me to pull focus back to where it belongs. The +Tough Pill to swallow here is that Real Life SHOULD MAINTAIN a sturdy place in my life, despite my wishes to operate almost exclusively on the internet. My body and bones are stuck here after all, I suppose keeping a piece of my brain along for the ride is not such a bad idea.