Smart Watch is the Dumb Phone All Over Again

*Inspired by a recent Engadget post regarding Smart Watches...

UPDATE: February 2017: It's been a couple years since this post, and oddly enough I have gone through a couple Fitbits and am now on a Series 2 Apple Watch, and I actually love it. Though at first, battery life was definitely an issue. Read through this old article, and at the bottom I've included a special treat for Apple Watch users.

We've Seen this Before

Engadget recently posted a question asking if readers were interested in the current generation of smart watches, or if they were planning on waiting for future generations. The way I see it, we are at the following point in the life cycle of the 'smart watch', if we were to relate it to cell phones.
*How we should view current 'smart watches'

What's Wrong with First Generation?

For most people, nothing is directly wrong with new technology in it's first commercially marketable stage. However for those with a little bit of foresight, one can skip the initial shock and awe period such devices may create in favor of the delayed gratification of knowing that VERSION 2 will be substantially improved.

My father bought a Samsung smart watch and is thrilled about the purchase, though most of his delight comes from the fulfillment of his childhood dream of having a Dick Tracey Watch. A young boy's dreams fulfilled by Samsung, well done guys!

Not For Me

For myself, I do not see the need quite yet. I am satisfied with pulling out my phone to check the time if need be. Though, I don't typically like to know 'when' I am. Without a doubt games and medical applications will arrive on the scene for these devices, and that will surely peaked many more people's interests as technology is continually served up to satisfy a demand yet to be created. It isn't too shabby when you can make a kick ass device and just open the gates for developers to make it worthwhile.

Apple Watch Folks

Here it is, my other write up on how to keep your Apple Watch from dying a quick death: