Simcoe Ontario and Norfolk's Excavating Experts (2021 Fresh!)

What we didn't know about Excavating Services in Simcoe, Ontario, Norfolk County.

When an excavator starts out in the business they usually start with the dirty jobs - The excavating jobs that no solid professional in Simcoe ever really wants to do. This is more often than not the tight back yard jobs, and the muddy, murky deep digging required in the trenches of sewer mains and water lines.

The dirty excavating jobs have their advantages for young start ups. The big boys don't necessarily want to get involved, so it's open season. Also, because there's little competition for the digging contracting job, you are generally able to price yourself into the market as you see fit... Dirty deeds, NOT done dirt cheap. Always a good approach.

Excavating Company Simcoe Ontario

How Norfolk County Finds Backhoe and Excavator Rentals

Currently, there are plenty of housing builds going on in Simcoe and Norfolk County. Even neighboring communities such as Port Dover, Delhi, Brant County and Waterford are seeing an acceleration of housing builds. Personally I'm happy that these communities are expanding, as they had seem to be pretty stagnant for a long long time. way to go, community!

With these new housing builds and custom homes being designed and built, you will find that there is a great need for foundation digging, excavating, water and sewer lines that need to be trenched, dug, and installed. These jobs are yet again the perfect situation for anyone who wants to get down and dirty as a local excavating contractor in the Simcoe and Norfolk County area. 

Foundation Digging in Simcoe: (Updated 2017)

Foundations are crazy. What do you think about that? They really are. Someone, at some point in time, had deemed it absolutely necessary that for all modern human dwellings, we must dig a big hole, fill it with concrete, and then - ONLY THEN - can we build a house on top of it. 

This becomes another one of these strange things that humans just stick to over time, and we rarely double cross our minds to think there's any sort of alternative to how we do things.

I can think of many things that humans in Simcoe do like this. Where it just becomes another Norfolk tradition just because 'we've always done it that way'. Like fairs, parties, and schooling. Well, I suppose schooling is okay.

Excavating and Levelling

Custom Homes in Norfolk County

Custom homes are really taking a strong start in Simcoe and Norfolk County. I know Mark Acton Custom Homes has had a great deal of conversations with many people regarding designing a custom home on vacant lots in town, and this leads to the long process of designing a home to commence. 

Thankfully, Mark is a seasoned veteran in the field of custom homes, so having him tackle the job for you is one of the best decisions you can make for your future home. There's just far too much detail to deal with for the everyday person... Permits, codes, suppliers and all of that - It just gives me a headache. I'd much rather discuss my vision for my Simcoe (or Norfolk County) based custom home and allow the professionals to do their work.

Nonsense needed for a custom home:
  1. A nice big dream
  2. A design containing rooms, square footage etc
  3. permits and building code
  4. a vacant lot in Simcoe
  5. Subcontracted companies like excavators and builders 

New Home Construction Norfolk County

They have all the connections, and the experience in this case is beyond helpful. Once you've done a couple custom homes, you probably are able to create a template for the process, and have the proper officials on speed dial so that you can swiftly cut through the nonsense required to get from A to B to C and all the way up to Z which would be your wonderful finished custom home!

You can see a whole lot more on Mark Acton and his custom home design business on his satellite websites: New Home Construction

Back to Excavating: Like a Champ 

Not only is excavating in Simcoe, Port Dover, and Delhi a big job right now, you've also got to consider what is going on with these freshly designated building lots... Out of nowhere a forest or field is determined to be suitable for building a home. I'm sure this doesn't magically turn the square into a perfect playground for a backhoe or a bobcat. No, not at all.. Well, what happens next then?

Brush Cutting and Lot Levelling

As you can imagine, usually there is lots of brush, trees, and crazy natural growth on these lots, and that requires someone with a brush cutter than can also deal in demolition and junk removal. This is a definitive need, and probably often overlooked by most services in the excavating industry. Though, as any Norfolk County native knows, we are no stranger to brush and forest. That means we may need to occasionally call in someone like Morris Trucking and Excavating to remove the brush and take care of levelling the lots with all of their wonderful equipment. 

Morris Trucking has been in the excavating and dump truck rental business for almost 50 years, so I think it goes without saying that they are the local professional, and long time GO-TO company when it comes to any of the topics discussed here. Simcoe is proud to have them as a long time business and digging partner. Thanks Chuck and Jesse!


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