Great Swimming Post (State of the Union)

Medium Has Good Content!

I found this awesome article on Medium. That site is great for finding well written content. I just thought I'd pass it along as it really seemed to resonate with me.

Swimming Post on Medium

Perhaps because the story echoes my childhood and how I learned to swim on my own as well.

Wondering How You Learned to Swim? 

Like many children of the 70's and 80's I was just thrown in the water, and expected to live. I don't look back at this as a bad thing. This is truly how you learn. Sink or swim as the article states, and I firmly stand behind it.

Though my children have taken swimming lessons right here in Simcoe, I can relate to both sides of this coin.

Some people just do not have access to a pool at their homes. It's terribly expensive, so it's an easy luxury to cut from the books before you get too invested.

The downside to not having a pool is that, now, if you wish your kids would learn how to swim, you have to sign up for swimming lessons at a recreation centre or community pool of some sort.

Not hating on private or group swimming lessons by any means, but the practicality of just jumping into the pool in your backyard is lost in the commute. When you are only allotted specific slots to come to a public pool, it really puts a damper on the natural learning experience, and limits exposure.

Exposure really helps with swimming. It's got to be organic, natural, and just happen whenever. Not for a scheduled hour, a 10 minute drive away from your Toronto or Simcoe home!

Find swimming lessons at a pool near you:


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