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I've been lucky enough to have a solid and steady dentist for over 10 years straight now. For a period before this current streak, however, I bounced around from several dentists. This included dental professionals in both my old home-town of Caledonia, and my new home-town of Simcoe, Ontario.

 What Was it that Stuck?

After a couple years into my current dentist, I started to wonder what it was exactly that was making me so comfortable with my choice.

A few options came to mind to make me think about THIS dental office and practice:
  • Comfortable waiting room
  • Very open and spacious reception area
  • Courteous and helpful dental hygienist and assistants
  • Happy and vibrant dentists
  • Cleanliness
Sure, each of these features of a dentist office on their own aren't terribly exciting. However, once we put them all together in one, it really starts to paint a picture of the best dentist in Simcoe, that you might not otherwise get to see!

Venturing Out

Will I seek to find a new dentist? I don't think I have much of a reason to. Everything with Donly Dental is perfect, and as stated above, they've managed to get everything I'd like to see in a dental office all together.

Right down to the certainty of the cleanliness of the tools and instruments that they'd use to clean my mouth.

I can see the whole sterilization room, and that is comforting to know that the staff put that much care into making sure everything during your dental appointment is sterilized, clean, and ready for use in your mouth just like it was the first time.

Now Accepting New Patients it Seems

Donly Dental and many other dentists are accepting new patients, so it's time to test them out if you're unsure, and you will most likely find yourself in the seat on Donly Drive, Simcoe, Ontario.


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