Testing SendFox by Sumo

Landing Page Creators

Sendfox is a new tool from the Sumo family of products (Appsumo, KingSumo, Sumome etc).

It does seem to be a lot similar to Sumo.com on the surface, but I have been assured that there are other features lurking beneath the surface.

Most notably is the landing page builder as you can see on this quick demo.


It took mere moments to setup, and didn't have the usual hurdles I find when trying to build a landing page. Sometimes you don't want to have to worry about overall design. You just want to get your page online!

I have yet to test MailChimp's landing page creator, but no doubt I am going to start testing them out.

Update: I have now tested Mailchimp Landing Pages

Not too long after the initial publication of this post I opted to bite the bullet and see just how similar MailChimp's landing page creator was to SendFox.

As it turns out, I MUCH PREFER Sendfoxes layout.

Granted, I believe there is more customization options in MailChimp's editor... But to many people, customization can appear as a technical hurdle, and option-fatigue sets in.

Here's the two minute version of my MailChimp template. First off, it took a little longer to find the creator. In fact, I opted to Google 'mailchimp landing page' as a shortcut... Bad navigation!