Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Simcoe & Tillsonburg

I finally got my dream flooring! I purchased my second home a year or so ago and couldn't wait to renovate everything.

The house has strong bones but completely outdated inside. There was carpet flooring, wallpaper, old tiles in the bathrooms and kitchen that all needed to be renovated asap.

I had a local contractor from Norfolk County working on the house with me. I loved how he had a team that could tackle all the jobs and are fully licensed and certified.

Once the plan was made for all the demolition and rebuilding I had the task of finding all the materials.

Flooring seemed to be the hardest decision I had to make. I sat down with a consultant at the local flooring company in Simcoe and took in everything I needed to know about flooring before making a decision.

hardwood flooring

Types of Flooring

The only thing I had decided on when going into choose a floor was that I wanted it to be wood through out. I have bad allergies and carpet is my enemy. As much as I love the warmth and coziness carpet has, it just wasn't an option.

When I was talking to the employee about hardwood they asked me some key questions that I had never considered.

  1. Do I have pets?
  2. Will I have kids?
  3. Am I wearing high heels often?
  4. Do I tend to cook/use lots of water in the kitchen?
  5. Will I want to choose tiles for the bathrooms?

I thought they all seemed a little weird. But once explained that real hardwood flooring gets scratched up real quick from dogs. Kids are little scuffers and spillers, high heels are dent city and real hardwood in the kitchen can be awful to replace when moisture gets between the boards and not suitable for bathrooms.

I was impressed with how this flooring company was looking out for the longevity of my flooring.

After those questions I asked them why I had seen so many online photos of seamless hardwood flooring throughout open concept homes.

They said that there is a super highly durable flooring available that is a bit more expensive than laminate that looks just like hardwood. They mimic hardwood so closely realtors have to ask homeowners.Simcoe flooring

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

After coming to the decision that luxury vinyl plank flooring was the champion flooring for my house, I had to choose the thickness and colour.

The flooring company was so accommodating  to my indecisiveness. They allowed me to take home samples in Simcoe Ontario of the flooring so that I could see how the natural light in the house changed the hues of the different woods. It's pretty crazy how much the wood colours change from one place to another.

I chose a nice medium light brown with thick slab planks. I prefer the less busy look on my floor, and this flooring company had everything I was dreaming of. Mild imperfections throughout the plank, knots and no tiger stripe looking vibes.

A bonus to choosing this flooring is that the flooring company said that when I go to renovate my basement, my flooring is a top choice flooring for basements.

Luxury vinyl plank flooring can go anywhere in the house. And is ideal for bathrooms, basements, foyers and kitchens. Exactly what I was envisioning for my home, the same flooring for every room.  Simple and sleek.

Flooring Purchase and Delivery

When I saw the bill for my flooring they offered delivery and their own contractors to install. Having a contractor that I was already using for my renovations I asked if it was okay to take that charge off of the the bill. The were happy to do that, no awkwardness at all.

I did have to do a downpayment on the flooring before leaving. Which I expected to be the case. They also offered payment plans. If anyone was having to re-floor their house as an emergency floor fix, this option would be a life saver.

The flooring I chose was only partially in stock at the warehouse. The flooring company suggested I wait for a full order of the flooring to assure that all the flooring will from the same production date. I guess when you get two different production dates the pattern or hues can be slightly off from one another.

So thankful that they were looking out for my best interest and not just trying to empty their stock out for new product. Another great detail about this flooring company.

The delivery date was about a month out from when I purchase ordered. The contractor was super pleased with the speed of which it was vinyl plank flooring

Flooring Installation

The day had finally come! Flooring installation time. All of the skids arrived a week prior to when the delivery was scheduled so the flooring company had offered to deliver them sooner so the luxury vinyl planks would have more time to acclimate to the house. Very thoughtful of them.

The flooring store delivery employees unloaded the boxes and placed them all throughout the house for me. My contractor was pleasantly surprised with the quality and durability of the product.

Flooring Canada Simcoe had thought of everything. They added stair nosing and trim for the areas needed. I didn't even realize that they had added it to the order, must have been through all the questions they were asking.

We had barely any cut offs by the end of the installation. And one extra box for any mishaps that may happen in the future.

My flooring is exquisite! It looks like real hardwood, hides any dirt and dust floating around. Hasn't scratched or dented one bit yet! And that includes during an appliance delivery, vanities, cabinets, furniture and final trim renovations!

I would HIGHLY recommend this flooring company. They thought of things I never would have and were amazing to work with. They take the time to make sure you are getting the best flooring for your life and not what is trending.